Transport systems

The OTTE robot transports containers, e.g. from potting to the culture hall, precisely there where you want them - fully automatically. Thus time-consuming transport operations can be carried out at the touch of a button. The OTTE robot can also be delivered as a mobile lift or fully automatic stacking unit for stacked cultures. The rail-guided transport cart from OTTE transports your benches entirely automatically and continually to exactly where you want them. Each transport cart is designed according
to your requirements. Single and multi-layer designs with integrated collection and / or pushing equipment are already successfully in operation. Transport carts from OTTE can push and pick up containers from one or both sides. The power supply takes place by a bus bar. It is also possible to have digital bus connections to a central computer.
Various mobile or stationary lift systems (transport units, etc.) enable the handling of your containers in the cultivation areas or at particular set points. The bufferings stations enable the short term supply of empty containers to the pot set down and pot take off robots. These are a kind of magazine position including an automatic conveyor. Stationary stackers from OTTE can be used as an alternative to the container moving system. Their function is the stacking and un-stacking of empty containers.

From a magazine the OTTE container moving system fully automatically feeds a number of delivery units with empty mobile containers. The container moving system hangs from runners and can receive and deliver at several locations. 

Novelty: On basis of the container (mobile benches) moving system, so called “Emma”, which was developed by Mr. Jörg Reischl from Duderstadt (Germany), the device “Emma 2.0” was more sophisticated by company Otte Metallbau GmbH & Co. KG (Barßel-Harkebrügge, Germany). The innovator, Mr. Reischl was priced with „Innovation price horticulture 2019“ in the category „technic“ for his system „Emma“. The machine was developed as simplification measure for the moving of containers in manual mobile bench systems. According to customers statements “Emma 2.0” was rated as handier during diverse trials and assumed with a positive feedback. The machine is equipped with two suspension devices to clamp to a mobile bench and two holders for the manual transportation of the 24 kg heavy machine. By the use of the two holders, the device is flexible man-portable from one mobile bench to another or from one mobile bench track to another. “Emma 2.0” moves by four magnetic rollers onto the track pipes of the mobile bench system. By means of a remote control the device can be moved with variable speed control. The power supply is done by a lithium-ion battery.

To be able to use Emma 2.0 for rolling mobile bench systems also, the device "Emma 2.0-RM" is available.

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EMMA 2.0


EMMA 2.0


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