OTTE rolling benches

The high art of space utilisation.

Rolling benches, because they are movable, allow optimum space utilisation (proportion of usable space approx. 85%). The table substructure consists, depending on the constructional requirements, of galvanized steel tubing or aluminium. Between the substructure and the rolling bench two movable tubes provide for movability. In this way, if required, a passageway can be created where it is needed. 

For every culture there is an ideal table coating. At OTTE you have the following choices:

  • Plastic trays for accumulation processes
  • Holed Styropor linings with watering mats
  • Galvanized wave grid linings with or without heating tubing
  • Aluminium guttering lining

The aluminium guttering of the aluminium guttering lining is also available as aluminium hangers. The guttering can be set up anywhere without any problems and is available in dimensions 120/40 mm and 140/50 mm.

Rolling benches with aluminium support for mounting on a concrete surface

Rolling benches with galvanized steel posts to be mounted in the ground

Rolling benches at a horticultural farm

Smart table sytems