Mobile bench and rolling mobile bench system

Our mobile and rolling mobile bench system was especially developed for large horticultural establishments, in which benches with plants have to be moved at regular intervals in a time saving and cost saving manner. Mobile benches are a precondition for the automated processing of plants. The benches (also called containers) run on four ball bearing mounted metal rollers. Highly stable tubing serves as runners. With the exception of the transport passageway and the working area, the entire greenhouse area is thus available. The benches can be moved either by stationary rail transport systems or fully automatic transport robots.

As a bench coating, one can choose between closed or holed Styropor (for mat watering), aluminium or plastic baths (for accumulation watering) or galvanized corrugation.

Mobile bench systems 
Mobile benches, also known as containers, can be moved on runners. With the aid of track systems or special transport vehicles (special mechanical equipment), the containers can be transported in the greenhouse either manually or automatically.  Overhead cranes permit the lifting out of containers from an existing culture surface. Empty containers can be stacked up in a storage area, so that no additional space is required. All culture and marketing work takes place in a "working hall".

Rolling mobile bench systems 
Rolling mobile benches can be transported like mobile benches and simultaneously allow the setting up of corridors when carrying out culture work. The runners are interrupted and the rolling mobile bench has additional rollers as well as a strengthened frame.

For every culture there is an ideal table coating. At OTTE you have the following choices:

  • Plastic trays for accumulation processes
  • Holed Styropor linings with watering mats
  • Galvanized wave grid linings with or without heating tubing
  • Aluminium guttering lining

Mobile bench system

Mobile bench system (leading rolls with 2 pairs of track rolls)

Rolling mobile bench system

Rolling mobile bench system (leading rolls with 4 pairs of track rolls)

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