Sales table systems

The perfect stage for your plant.

Presentation area for the sales section

The OTTE sales table system offers you not only individual presentation surfaces in a wide range of designs and sizes, but also an extensive accessory programme with automatic watering systems, displays and various arrangement elements. As a result, you create precisely the correct framework to show off your products in an optimum manner, and in a manner which will promote sales. 

The whole of our sales table programme is manufactured in our works from high quality aluminium extruded profiles. In this way, we provide stable, long lasting and corrosion resistant presentation surfaces.

Every sales table is manufactured by us according to your individual requirements. An extremely light aluminium construction as well as various table heights which can be individually adjusted and various finishes, permit an extremely wide range of variants of layout on your action floor - almost in the twinkling of an eye! 

Whether fixed or movable, whether foldable, double storey or without any bodywork - with OTTE the sales tables you can at any time present your range of plants professionally and without any additional workload. An individual colour selection matched to your company CI in compliance with RAL is possible. 

Your employees are to sell and advise? Then take away some of their workload: our automatic watering equipment with integrated timing device achieves an optimum control of moisture with short accumulation times and even water distribution - and in addition is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. 

Water sockets which are integrated harmoniously in the floor make the watering available precisely where it is required. You therefore have unproblematic access to your watering system even during reorganisations for sales actions. The complete watering equipment can be set up in a particularly space-saving fashion under a single table. 

In many garden centres the customers can’t see the wood for the trees. With variable OTTE sign holders you create the possibility of finding one’s way around your business quickly and clearly. 

The large integrated display provides an unobtrusive, but effective orientation.  
The flexible, height adjustable, price sign holder simultaneously gives the customer immediate price information.

With plant hangers and table top hangers you create a clear and cleanly separated presentation for a whole range of plant sizes - quite easily, and always individually adjustable! This also prevents your plants from falling over outside. 

As further extras OTTE provides various solutions for plants for hanging flower arrangements, table covering systems for outside as well as additional presentation platforms for setting up on sales tables. 

Stationary sales tables (foldable)

Stationary sales tables (foldable)

Movable sales tables (foldable)

Movable sales tables (foldable)

Smart table sytems