Equipment for sales tables

In some garden centers, customers do not see the forest for the trees. With variable sign holders and alu banner holders from OTTE you can find your way in your shop quickly and clearly. The large integrated display creates an unobtrusive but effective orientation. The flexible height-adjustable sign holder offers fast price information at the same time.

With separation and clamp arches, you can create a clear and clean presentation for all plant sizes - very convenient and individually adjustable at any time! Outside, your plants are protected against falling over. Also available is the presentation platform. You can also place extra products of any kind and put it on the sales tables.

OTTE's suspension brackets were recently added to the range. They serve the presentation of hanging baskets. With their attention getter design, they are comfortable and eye-catching at the same time. The rank suspension brackets are provided with hook rungs. There are four hooks attached to each hook rung. The number of the hooks oriented to the length of each table. The grid suspension brackets are provided with a grid. The total length is similar to the length of the respective table. The arch suspension brackets contain an integrated sign holder. Again, the total length depends on the length of each table.

Sign holder

Alu banner holder

Display holder

Price sign holder

Presentation platform

Separation arches

Clamp arch

Plank table

Tier tray

Rank suspension bracket

Grid suspension bracket

Arch suspension bracket

Smart table sytems