HortiRack - the mobile rack for Indoor-Farming

The mobile HortiRack is our newest product for Vertical Farming.

It is a completely new design, which boosts the productivity of indoor farming facilities. It saves up to 50 percent space compared to stationary racks. Our mobile shelving system is optimized for horticulture. The irrigation and lighting are integrated in the shelf. The HortiRack is 1.25m wide in order to fit with the default size of 4x4 foot lighting. A smaller width is possible and also the length is flexible. Equipped with a three-tier system the length of the HortiRack is up to 15m. The trays are in one piece over the full length. Therefore space is optimized and drainage is simplified. Instead of trays the gardener can also chose gutters. The HortiRack is based on a very sturdy carriage – which still has a low profile. Durability of the whole system is ensured.

Spart bis zu 50% Platz im Vergleich zu feststehenden Regalen

Stabiler Verfahrwagen - für Indoor-Farming optimiert

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