Ebb- and flood irrigation system in a 1-way or 2-way system

The vital line for your plants

Each irrigation system from company Otte is designed and planed to the individual requirements of the customer. By the usage of different tank systems, we bring the irrigation water and the nutrient solution in a closed loop, so that we save the environment and resources. The pump stations are preassembled, equipped with all safety-relevant components and checked under real conditions at our on-site test room. Further components, like the tank backfeed or head- and group manifolds are also preassembled, so that a fluently and fast assembly can be ensured. The separate irrigation groups can be controlled by an irrigation automate with the aid of valuable plastic magnetic valves or motorized ball valves with 24 voltage or 230 voltages. Each production bench or sales table is equipped with a flexible textile hose.

Tank system

Pump station

Tank backfeed

Manifolds and bench connections

Smart table sytems